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XK-SX2 primary and intermediate maintenance electrician training evaluation device

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" Products overview 1, product structure: adopt modular desktop structure, hanging box replacement convenient, easy to organize various training project, expand and upgrade are convenient. 2, main parameters: size 1700 mm x 700 mm x 1500 mm; The power supply: the three-phase AC380V, power < 1500 VA. 3, main components: the training platform, power control panel and motor control training hanging box, the illumination training unit, three-phase asynchronous motor, dc motors, three-phase double speed asynchronous motor etc. 4, main functions: device is mainly to complete intermediate maintenance electrician assessment appraisal of electric drive control and lighting circuit real exercise program, link theory with practice, outstanding skills training, pay attention to pertinence, practical and scientific. 5, annex: experimental jump line, commonly used tools, the product specification. "